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3640 Pine Ridge Road
Naples, FL 34109

  • Sales: 1-866-890-1446
  • Service: 1-888-295-5284
  • Parts: 1-888-295-5285

Dealer Rater Reviews

This afternoon we picked up our new Altima. Not only is it a beautiful car, it is easy to drive for us, seniors. The staff, especially, Sal Scarcella made the experience of purchasing the car a very good one. We have bought many cars in the past but this was the best information we got. Before we purchased the Altima we went to at least 6 other dealers to see their cars. The Altima best suited our needs and Sal Scarcella was the best, by far, of all the other salesmen we met. He explained everything to us and was very friendly. Do NOT let him leave your employ!!!!

Naples, FL

Great experience!! I always heard great things about Naples nissan and Nissan cars in general. Tony the salesperson and the entire staff were beyond helpful and friendly. Purchased a 370z and I am hooked for life!

Phil Prinzi
Naples, FL


I had a wonderful experience with this dealership, specifically the salesman Patrick Castleberry as well as the other employees that I dealt with to finalize my lease. He was friendly, explained all of my purchase versus lease options, very respectful that I was a single woman wanting to accomplish this on my own. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone. I have purchased and leased cars in the past and this was, by far, my easiest and most pleasant of all.
Naples, FL

i was born and raised in grand rapids mi.my dad sold chryslers at the 14th largest chrysler dealership in the country.that was when the only day off was sunday.i recently moved to naples having always purchasing jeeps,and am very familar with auto-dealerships, both good and shady.the Naples sales team is by far the most interactive,friendly,and human staff i have ever had the pleasure to give my money to.just to give you an example, in new jersey i had purchased four new jeep g.c. limited v-8 to v8-hemi,when available. of course, my salesman, and the sales staff treated me like royalty. the rest of the staff, not so much. whereas, at Naples,the absolute polar opposite is true.everyone, and i mean everyone is on point, from the girl behind the desk to the g.m.even my girl friend was dully impressed. to make her happy, the staff should receive battle pay! needless to say, all future vehicles,and recommendations shall go straight to 3640 pine ridge rd thank-you W.S.
Naples, FL

I went into Nissan looking to trade in my 2008 Ford Explorer. I was looking at getting a 2011 Nissan Altima. I was apointed Hector Alicea as my salesman and he did an excellent job! He brought the new vehicle up to the front for me to check out, he went over all the features and we went inside where he had all the paperwork drawn up ready to be signed within an hour. Not to mention he stayed after hours to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase and to make sure the new Altima was clean and has gas in it for us. He was very easy to work with, very friendly towards my 2 children and he was there to make sure we were happy every step of the way! I would definitely recommend him to anyone out there that is looking at trading in their current car or purchasing a brand new Nissan! This is my 4th Nissan that I've owned in my lifetime and I couldn't be happier to now own the new 2011 Altima!!!! Thanks Naples Nissan :)
Naples, FL

Our experience with Naples Nissan was wonderful. We worked with James Pool, and he was very helpful, knowledgable and courteous. He met our needs and expectations with our purchase. He answered all our questions. I highly recommend this dealership.
Naples, FL

Very friendly dealership. Well advised of my options and prices up front. Clean service center and waiting room with comfortable and adequate seating. Informative service advisor with a friendly personality and was attentive to my needs with my car while in the waiting area.
Naples, FL

Since Naples took over the dealership, it is much better run. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere of the showroom is inviting and I trust that the work they do is necessary and done properly. I put price as good as "how can a price ever be great, unless it is well below what it should be?" Their prices are fair, especially considering the complimentary shuttle service - a fact that ensures I will continue to utlitize their service department.

I went into Naples Nissan looking to buy a used car, I don't have much credit so they couldn't get me approved for the car I originally wanted but Sal & Les were determined to get me into a car. They got me approved for a 2011 Nissan Versa, I absolutely LOVE it & they gave me a great deal! Sal & Les genuinely cared about getting me into a car even with my credit issues & they didn't give up on me like so many other dealerships have before.
Marco Island, FL

nadine ALWAYS treats me well, with respect and pays attention to all details. If she says something, I can count on it getting done. She knows who I am and remembers stuff about me. I trust her and in the service business that is a big statement. J Showalter
Bonita Springs, FL

I am a regular customer of Naples Nissan Naples FL, so I know what to expect before bringing my car in for any service. There is always a wait time but my time went over 30 minutes as I was told approx. 1 hr 30 min. and actually it was 2 hrs. A oil change and an alignment is what I was having done this time. This could be due to the fact it was around 1:00 PM and Service Men having a lunch break? Nadine is always courteous and told me if I needed to go anywhere she could have it arranged with someone to take me. When I leave the Service Dept. I am always happy with the performance of my Pathfinder. Thank-you ALL.
Naples, FL

Juan Lopez does a tremendous job at making sure your needs are met and within your budget. I was looking for new tires on my Nissan and he found them in Ft. Myers - sent a driver to go get them and had them installed by noon as needed.
The customer service experience is what keeps you coming back. Juan is friendly and easy to work with and stands by hi word.
Susan Klein
Naples, FL